flip top tote

Product Model
External Dimensions
(L * W * H)
550 X 345 X 210mm
21.65 X 13.58 X 8.27in
Internal Dimensions
(L * W * H)
500 X 320 X 190mm
19.69 X 12.60 X 7.48in
7.66Us gallon
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  • Ergonomically designed handgrips for comfortable handling.
  • Nested freely when empty and stacked steadily when full and close.
  • Textured and flat base against slipping to increase the friction for strong stability when stacking.
  • The customer’s logo can be applied onto the container by screen printing, hot stamping and tampo printing.
  • Reinforced ribs on sidewalls for increasing the load capacity and reducing the possibility of sidewalls deformity.
  • Heavily reinforced hinge to fix the lids and container for superior safety and stability.
Plastic moving crates application

Production process

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